Dinner Menu

5:00pm until kitchen closes



Greer's Fried Chicken $12.90

Chicken tenderloins coated in Greer's homemade tasty batter and deep fried.  Served with fries and dipping sauces.

Camembert Filo $12.90

Pieces of creamy Camembert wrapped in filo pastry and oven baked.  Served with salad and plum sauce.

Prawn & Bacon Mornay $12.90

Tender prawns braised in a creamy bacon mornay sauce. Served with toasted sourdough.

Salt and Pepper Calamari $13.90

Calamari pieces coated in a light crunchy batter seasoned with salt and pepper.  Served with salad and dipping sauces.

Garlic Bread  $7.90 - $9.90

4 pieces of toasted baguette with garlic butter.  Plain $7.90, Cheesy $8.90, Loaded $9.90.

Chicken Wings   $13.90

BBQ and cola glazed chicken wings served with ranch dipping sauce.



Gastro Classics

Fish and Chips $23.90

Dory fillet coated in a delicious batter made with Monteith’s Radler. Steakhouse fries, salad, aioli style tartare sauce and tomato sauce complete this classic Kiwi dish.

Beef Burger $23.90

Greer’s homemade ground beef pattie in a bun, stacked with bacon, salad, fried egg and relish.  Served with fries, onion rings and tomato sauce.

Seafood Platter $44.90

Pan-fried sweet chilli prawns, prawn twisters, mussels, salt & pepper calamari, popcorn shrimp, Monteith’s Radler battered fish, salad, fries, tartare and tomato sauce.

Chicken Fettuccine $23.90

Tender chicken, bacon, mushrooms, cashew nuts and spinach cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with fettuccine pasta and topped with parmesan cheese.

Greer’s Chicken Stack $20.90

Marinated chicken thigh, portobello mushroom, focaccia bread, salad, avocado and sweet chilli aioli.

Chicken and Camembert Salad $22.90

Warmed marinated chicken pieces and wrapped camembert filos, served on a bed of Greer’s salad mix, topped with aioli.

Scotch Fillet $28.90

250g of prime New Zealand scotch fillet served with fries, salad, tomato sauce and your choice of - garlic butter, mushroom sauce, peppercorn sauce or creamy blue cheese sauce.  Add an egg for $2.00 and/or 2 large prawns for $4.00.

Chicken Breast $29.90

Chicken breast served on a roast pumpkin puree with crispy pancetta, pumpkin and potato gratin, red wine jus and seasonal vegetables.

Vegetable Stack $19.90 (v)

Roasted pumpkin, potatoes, grilled capsicum and portobello mushroom served on

marinated tofu with roast pumpkin purée, pesto and salad greens.

Hot Pork Sandwich $19.90

Tender pork cooked in a creamy mustard sauce served on sourdough bread filled with salad, aioli, caramelized onion and basil pesto.

Cajun Fish $26.90

Cajun seasoned Dory fillet lightly poached in a lemon cream sauce served on crushed buttered potatoes with seasonal vegetables, lemon cream sauce and topped with fresh salsa.

Greer’s Steak $31.90

250g of prime New Zealand scotch fillet served on a pumpkin and potato gratin with a red wine jus, seasonal vegetables and Portobello mushroom.  Topped with kumara crisps.

Pork Ribs $26.90

Sticky tender pork ribs served with fries and corn on the cob.




Meat Lovers Pizza $21.90

Beef, chicken, salami, ham, pork, onion and mushroom with an optional BBQ swirl.

Apricot Chicken Pizza $19.90

Chicken, cream cheese, spinach and pine nuts on an apricot sauce base.

Satay Chicken Pizza $19.90

Chicken, red onion, spinach, sour cream, satay sauce and cashew nuts.

Vegetarian Pizza $18.90 (v)

Broccoli, pumpkin, potato, caramelised onion, pine nuts and feta.


Side Orders

Seasonal Vegetables +  $4.90

Sautéed Vegetables  $4.90

Mixed Salad  $4.90

Loaded Garlic Bread  $4.90

Plain Garlic Bread  $3.90

Beer Battered Fries *  $4.90

Kumara Fries *  $4.90

Wedges *  $4.90

Steakhouse Fries * $3.90

Onion Rings *  $3.90

+ served with garlic butter

* served with tomato sauce


Aioli  $0.60

Bacon (2 rashers)  $4.00

Cheese  $2.00

Egg  $2.00

Roasted whole tomato  $3.50

Mushroom Sauce  $3.00

Blue Cheese Sauce  $3.00

Peppercorn Sauce $3.00

Garlic Butter  $3.00

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